Hospital Support Robots

Introducing: Zoomie 1.0

Empowering Pharmacy Technicians

Zoomie 1.0 automatically restocks automatic dispensing cabinets (ADC) such as Pyxis or Omnicell.

Empowering Nurses, Helping Patients

Zoomie 1.0 picks up objects from any storage room in the hospital and delivers them exactly where they are needed.

Force-Mulitpliers for Distribution Techs

Zoomie 1.0 picks boxes from U-boats, delivers them to the correct storage shelf, restocks the items and updates the inventory electronically.

Automatic Restocking of Medication Cabinets

Introducing Zoomie 1.0

How it works:

1. Robot loads itself in hospital's central pharmacy (or alternatively is loaded by staff).

2. Robot visits one medication cabinet after the other.

3. Using our proprietary Manipulation-AI, the robot takes medication from its own drawer and places it into cabinet, updating inventory, and checking expiration dates.


Robot system operates 24/7, allowing for restocking and inventory checks several times a day.

More frequent deliveries result in fewer occasions of running out of medication.

Robot checks expiration dates and updates inventory, ensuring 100% accuracy at all times.

Reduces burden on pharmacy technicians, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

Enhances the workflow reduces waste and saves money.

Technology: General Purpose Manipulation-AI

We leverage recent breakthroughs in learning-based robotic manipulation to enable robots to manipulate a wide range of objects in unforseen settings.

To train our proprietary Manipualtion-AI, we first annotate a few hundred images with points where suction would lead to successful picks based on human intuition. We then train a convoluational neural network (inspired by the human visual cortex) to imitate the human's intution, allowing the system to find the correct points to pick up objects.


Robot operates elevators and electric doors.

Robot navigates in busy hallways avoiding people, and other unexpected obstacles.

Robot can adjust its height to reach down to the floor or the top of a 6 feet high cabinet.

Robot scans barcodes, reads expiration dates.

Use the robot's move-away-button when it is in the way, it will resume work later.

5mm suction cup

This suction cup is designed to pick up small medication tablets.

10mm suction cup

This suction cup is designed to pick up medication blister packs, cream tubes, glass vials, etc.

25mm suction cup

This suction cup is designed to pick up large items such as 1-L IV bags.

Save Nurses Time by Having Robots Deliver Items Directly Where They're Needed

Zoomie 1.0 picks up supplies from any storage room in the hospital and delivers them to the nursing station.

Empower Distribution Techs by Automating Repetitive Tasks

Zoomie 1.0 picks up U-boats from the loading dock, delivers them to the correct storage room, sorts items into bins and updates the inventory electronically.

About Emancro

Leveraging recent breakthroughs in computer vision, robotics and AI at UC Berkeley, our mission is to empower mankind through robotics.

Starting in the hospital environment, which demands an extreme level of flexibility and task diversity, we strive to build a general-purpose AI-robotic system that frees people from tedious, repetitive task, enhances working conditions, and ultimately improves lives for all stakeholders.


Frederik Ebert obtained a PhD in computer science from UC Berkeley where he conducted research on large-scale real-world robot learning advised by Sergey Levine and Chelsea Finn. He also holds a Master of Science in artifical intelligence and a B.S. in mechatronics engineering.


Derek Cai obtained a Bachelor's Degree in computer science and applied mathematics with concentrations in statistics from UC Berkeley. He has worked on various computer vision research projects in Berkeley's RISE Lab and finished in top positions at multiple machine learning competitions on Kaggle, a prestigious international machine learning competition platform.


Chongdu Xu, holds a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley, and received the 2022 Inventor Award from the Princeton University Office of Technology Licensing for his work on plasma stabilizers for Tokamak fusion reactors.

Advisor Panel

Sergey Levine is a renowned computer science professor and AI researcher at UC Berkeley known for his contributions to deep learning, robotics, and reinforcement learning. His research work has been cited over 100k times.


Jim Jorgenson is the founder and CEO of Visante Inc, a hospital pharmacy consulting company and has over 20 years of leadership experience in the field.

Our Investors

Khosla Ventures
Amplify Partners

Frederik Ebert, CEO
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